a tavern storytelling game about seasoned skyship travelers
a story about a nearly unplayable, nearly perfect LARP
a game about revisiting things that scared you as a closeted queer middle schooler
This Party Sucks is a game about being a queer, trans twentysomething who is (badly) processing a recent breakup.
tiny playsets for a tiny RPG about magician's apprentices
a tiny game about literal sword dreams
a cozy, intimate two-person LARP about cuddling with the monster from under your bed
a reflective cooking LARP for 1+ players
Play this "game" by getting hydrated
A 1-2 player game about a selkie finding their skin and returning to the sea.
a reflective mini-LARP about commuting on public transit
Play a flock of crows committing crimes to cheer up a sad witch
a two-player game about sensory feedback, emotional connection, and trust between pilot and mech
gopher heart, a childhood story
Role Playing
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