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This game is a short love letter to selkie tales, and to the very human experiences they often mirror and reflect. Use a piece of soft clothing to represent the seal skin you have recently rediscovered, and hold it as you use cards and prompts to reflect on your time on land and your imminent departure. Play solo as the selkie, or connect with a friend to play the partnered roles of the selkie considering their return and the sea welcoming them home.

The text of this game is available free/by donation. A more formatted PDF is available for $5.00.

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TagsFolklore, selkie, Singleplayer, twoplayer


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I just spent the last forty minutes crafting a sad, abused lesbian Selkie with four daughters escaping into the Sea. This was my first solo journalling game and I loved it. I've always loved the Selkie myth so this felt like a perfect start. 


As Soft As You Remember is a short one or two player oracle game about being a selkie and recovering your sealskin.

It's 2 pages, in a text document, and there's a few places where lines run together. It's definitely readable, but feels slightly jarring when it happens.

The gameplay is simple, direct, and explained in a way that is easy to understand. You answer questions about your sealskin by drawing from a deck of cards.

The individual prompts are largely focused around themes of alienation, safety, and identity. The writing is strong, and the game feels very anchored.

Overall, if you want a short, grounded, expressive game that touches on themes of myth and the self, this is a cool experience.

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As I wrote in another review, I have a soft spot for 1/2-page RPGs that tell the setting and explain the rules concisely. Despite its short length, AS SOFT AS YOU REMEMBER manages to convey the trauma a selkie has faced, as well as the joy that comes with recovering their sealskin. I love the LARP elements in this game, where the player uses a soft piece of clothing to represent the skin and a salty snack for the taste of the sea.