This Party Sucks Version 2.0 is out!

After months of playtesting at conventions and with friends, I've released an updated version of This Party Sucks! The game now features  detailed examples of how to design a main character, and a full two page outline of how to use the Palette, one of my favorite RPG setup tools, to help define potential themes and setting details the players would like to explore in their game. My goal with this update was to make the game easier to approach for players who have a wide range of previous experiences with RPGs, and to provide helpfully narrowed approaches to world- and character-building. Just saying "and now make a character!" can leave some people a bit frozen up by the impossibly vast range of possibilities - providing a range of examples can make the process feel more reasonably sized.

There is also a printable zine format for the updated version (featured in the cover image of this post) but at the moment I'm keeping that format as a Patreon and convention sale exclusive - look for it to be available for purchase through itch as well in the near future!


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97 days ago

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